More about BHC:Assess™

Unbundled. Purpose led. Effective.


BHC:Assess™ is…

  • Connector.


    BizHealthCheck can be used in most situations where you want to understand the state of your organisation, and how to make it more effective.

  • Connector.

    New appointment

    BizHealthCheck™ is a great tool for a newly appointed business leader. It gives insight into the health of the organisation at a time when it is difficult to sort truth from conjecture.

  • Connector.

    New challenges

    Whether a new contract or project, or a revised set of objectives, BizHealthCheck™ is the tool that will drive improved effectiveness of the organisation. Understand where you need to focus your energies, and make the most effective improvements.

  • Connector.

    Upon realisation

    There often comes a moment when a leader realises that issues are deeper than they thought. Whether through SelfReflectionCheck™, Peer2PeerCheck™, or the realisation that they need to go deeper, BizHealthCheck™ will provide the insight into what is really happening amongst your people.

How BizHealthCheck™ works

BizHealthCheck™ has 3 component parts that give you an assessment, a diagnosis and a set of corrections.  It’s an unbundled service, so you can do the assessment, and leave it there: no commitment to do anymore if you don’t think it’s justified.

And we give you even more flexibility.
You can look at the health of the relationships between teams in your organisation.
Or you can look right across your value chain, and get a 360 view of the health of the relationships between teams in your B2B customers and your suppliers.

It’s your choice!

So here’s how it works.

BHC:Assess™ is…

Easy to use

Nine simple steps.
That’s it.
Nine simple steps to understand the health of your organisation.

Register here.

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We’ll send you through a template for you to populate with the details of the people that you’d like to participate.  This will include the people in your organisation, and if you’ve selected BHC:360, those in your selected clients and suppliers.

So you might like to get thinking about who’s going to participate, and who’s going to be populating the template.

What will be better once I’ve used BHC:Assess™?

This, really, is the key question. If you don’t know the answer to this question, why would you use the tool?


You will have insight into the relative health of the relationships between the teams in your organisation, and with your stakeholders.


You will have a clear understanding of where to start work on improving the effectiveness of your organisation.


We know that the happier and more motivated people are, the more effective they are. Identify where you can better motivate them, and allow them to enjoy themselves.


Organisations are made up of relationships. BHC:Assess will begin the process of improving the health of relationships across your organisation, and your value chain.

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