The BHC:Catalyst, those we serve.

It’s not easy being an individual consultant, or owning a small consultancy.
We face the constant tension between securing work, and delivering work. If you get too deep in delivery, you miss the sales.
Consultants also have an issue scaling intellectual property. They are often the only people that know how to deliver their IP, so are the very constraint that frustrates them.
That’s why we’ve created the role of the BHC:Catalyst.
To help, and to serve.

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We work together to deliver the outcomes that people in our client’s businesses need.


They’re inquisitive people that want to understand why. And it helps them to get to the root causes of ill-health in organisations.


They’re people that are comfortable with contributing to a learning environment and helping others to embrace change.


The BHC model is that we all win. So we provide BHC:Catalysts with as much work as they wish to accept.

Why you should consider joining us…

We believe that we’ve developed some pretty special tools to help business leaders to improve the effectiveness of their organisations.
But like many individual consultants, we can’t make the impact that we’d like without having the people to deliver the hands-on services.
And, like many of you, we’ve struggled to balance the needs of business development, and project delivery.
So we’re going to focus on showing the business leader community where they need help.
And we’d like to pass those consulting opportunities on to you.

BizHealthCheck, the Catalyst’s perspective

Who are we?

BizHealthCheck is a purpose led virtual consultancy that crowdsources professional services on a platform that provides business leaders with insight into the health of the organisation, a method of understanding the cause of any ill-health, and a clear path to improve the effectiveness of the organisation.

Purpose before profit

BizHealthCheck is a purpose led business.
This means that we place our impact on society above the creation of profits for ourselves, the shareholders.
The higher purpose of BizHealthCheck is:
To improve people’s lives.
To understand more about how we will deliver on our higher purpose and on our work with not-for-profit organisations, click here.

You and Us: Our Collaboration

We’ve designed the BizHealthCheck model so that we all benefit.
We can scale our innovative, online approach to understanding organisations.

You can benefit from the intimate consulting opportunities.

BHC:Catalysts will participate in 2 of the 3 stages of the process.



This is where we identify the underlying causes behind the symptoms identified in BHC:Assess.
The Catalyst uses the BHC methodology and toolset in interviews and workshops with the people in the client organisation.

The Catalyst needs to be inquisitive, to have a ‘nose’ for chasing down facts.
They need to be empathetic.

They need to be able to engage with people and to draw out their concerns.
They want to do the right thing for people!


This is the intervention phase of any project.  It’s where we begin to correct the root and symptomatic causes that we’ve identified.
The Catalyst uses their own experience, models and intellectual property.

The BHC:Correct Catalysts are specialists.
They will have substantial experience in their field.
They will be able to show the Business Leader a demonstrable track record for affecting change in organisations.
But most of all, we must all have aligned values.

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