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What it is.  How to use it.  All that you need to know is here.

SelfReflectionCheck™ is…


A survey of 75 members of the Business Advisory Council at the Stanford Graduate School, rated self-awareness as the most important capability for leaders to develop.

The question is, how does a person who lacks self-awareness even know they are not aware?

We’ve created the SelfReflectionCheck™ to give you the opportunity to test your awareness. And to compare how the beliefs you have about yourself as a leader, and the organization you’re a part of, compare to a global benchmark of business leaders.

SelfReflectionCheck™ is…


SelfReflectionCheck™ can be used in a variety of situations in your organisation.

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    New appointment

    SelfReflectionCheck™ allows a recently appointed leader to reflect on how well people and work is managed in their organisation, benchmarked to other leaders.

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    When the pressure comes on to achieve results, it can be difficult to get a clear view of what is happening in the organisation. SelfReflectionCheck™ gives an opportunity for a quick environment scan.

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    New challenges

    When preparing for newly set challenges, be they new budgets or a new contract, it is best to understand the strength of your organisation. SelfReflectionCheck™ aids a leadership team in seeing where they need to focus their preparations.

SelfReflectionCheck™ is…

Easy to use

Five simple steps.
That’s it.
Five simple steps to get a clear view of your organisation.

SelfReflectionCheck™ is…


In fact, it’s better than that.
It’s FREE.

SelfReflectionCheck™ is an incredibly valuable tool for leaders.

So how would your responses compare to the benchmark of the other business leaders from around the world?

How do think that are they seeing themselves?

Would they be more positive or negative than you on the SelfReflection factors?