Alan Casey

Founder & Chief Catalyst

Alan has an extensive leadership career spanning utilities and advertising.  He’s always had a fascination with the way that people behave in organisations, and how they are treated by senior managers.

Alan’s not afraid of confronting the big challenges.  It’s taken 10 years to get BizHealthCheck to launch, while he’s been pursuing solutions to the inequalities in the not-for-profit sector for close to two decades.

But he’s not afraid of having fun while he’s working.  “Work is such a large part of lives, we should enjoy it.  Not see it as a chore.  That’s the mission. Who’s with me?”


Felicity Lawrence

Co-Founder & Lead Catalyst NZ – Asia Pacific

Felicity has extensive leadership and change management experience spanning the private sector, public sector and not for profits across Australia and New Zealand. Through all those years she has sought to understand and work with leaders on “what makes organizations OF PEOPLE function effectively to deliver value”?
As a systems thinker, Felicity believes that the biggest problem is how organisations treat people,  “It’s how they are treated, rewarded, developed, and how they are engaged in working together to build something bigger than themselves.  I believe with a passion that flourishing organizations are possible if they are filled with flourishing people.”


Ashley Barratt

Lead Catalyst – Germany

Ashley is fascinated by the transformation which is ongoing in the world of work and, in particular, the way organisations are led and managed. His professional expertise is on supporting organisations which make long-term decisions with significant investments in human and financial capital.
“Transformation and change is my passion, personally and professionally.  It’s led me to obsess about how best to deliver results through positive engagement of people, process and technology.”
Much of Ashley’s work is around creating an effective environment for knowledge development and sharing. The impact of technology on decision-making and the associated intergenerational changes which are being felt inspires him.  As individuals, he believes that although we have access to more information than ever, it does not necessarily allow us to make better decisions.  The elegant simplicity of BizHealthCheck motivates him.


Mark Righini

Lead Catalyst – Australia

Mark has an extensive corporate career leading international engineering businesses. He’s a people-focussed leader and prides himself on leading teams to achieve outstanding results.
“I believe that businesses are about people – and great, sustainable results can only be achieved through people – the right people with the right attitude, knowing what to do, having the right tools and able to get satisfaction out of their work. Too often, in today’s business world, this aspect is overlooked or underestimated.”
Leading the BizHealthCheck team in Australia, Mark is pleased to be able to draw on the simplicity and focus of the BizHealthCheck tools, as well as his own experience, to help businesses to improve.


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