Ben was newly appointed as the CEO of an advertising agency in Singapore.  He was keen to take on the challenge of turning around the performance of the business – it was in the bottom 5% of country business units in one of the global agency networks.

Ben is a natural born leader, and a great creative, so a sound appointment to the role.  He’s also a self aware individual and knew that he’d need help understanding why the business was performing so poorly.

With a desire to get to grips with what was happening, Ben used BHC:Assess™ to get an insight into the health of the organisation.  It showed tension between the account managers and the creatives, the strategic planners thought the other departments were ineffective, and everyone despaired at the lack of support that they were receiving.

Being a new appointment, Ben had a period of goodwill from the people in the business.  That allowed him to use BHC:Diagnose across the business: every single person was interviewed by a consultant to understand what was causing the ill-health.

The issues were many, and layered.  A cause identified by one team was investigated with another, and deeper level of cause identified.  This mining of causes allowed Ben to get to the bottom of the issues in the agency.

BHC:Correct™ was the plan to fix it.  Teams were convened to begin working on some of the basics of the business: modelling of the needs of each position in the business; documenting the best way of doing work; setting standards.  Everyone in the business understood what was happening and why.

BHC:Assess™ took Ben 3 weeks between engagement and receiving the infographic report.  BHC:Diagnose™ took a further 2 weeks of investigation.  BHC:Correct™ was an ongoing programme of work that changed the way that the business worked.  Two years after Ben was appointed, the business was mid-table amongst their peers, and the people in the business had a much clearer understanding of how they worked with each other, their suppliers, and their customers.

To check on their progress, Ben checked on the health with BHC:Assess™ annually and saw ongoing improvement in the health of the organisation.

Using BizHealthCheck™ enabled Ben to add to his experience portfolio in leading a national business unit through change.  And he’s now using that experience in a regional leadership position.