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A unique opportunity to participate in the continuous development of a purpose led, for-profit company.

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of 100 enlightened leaders from around the world.

Crowdsourced pricing

Each member will use the BizHealthCheck tools in their own organisations. They will help us to determine the pricing of the BizHealthCheck tools by paying what they believe is the true and fair value of each tool.Our goal is maximum uptake. Not maximum profit.

Crowdsourced purpose

TheFounders™ will help us to continuously develop our concept of a purpose led, online, business consulting organisation.

Each leader will be invited to nominate not-for-profit business leaders who will use the BizHealthCheck tools to begin to improve their organisation’s effectiveness.
There will be NO CHARGE for the use of the tools by not-for-profit organisations.

Purpose led

Once BizHealthCheck™ has surpassed profits of US$100,000, we will endow the BHC Foundation through the contribution of 25% of BizHealthCheck’s annual profit.

The BHC Foundation will fund effectiveness improvement work in our not-for-profit partners.
The BHC Foundation will be led by an advisory board.  TheFounders™ will nominate and assist in the appointment of the BHC Foundation advisory board.

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