Check the health of your organisation

Watch Ben Lightfoot describe how he benefited from using BizHealthCheck.

Get deep insight into what’s going on.
And understand how to improve it.

As a business leader, you have plenty of resources telling you what you should be doing. But few give you an effective framework to use.
BizHealthCheck splits the traditional business improvement method into 3 parts: find out what is going on; find out why it’s happening; do something about it.
Three separate parts. Engaged separately. Priced separately. Giving you control. And for an affordable upfront investment.

Welcome to BizHealthCheck™

Isn’t this just another engagement tool?

No, it’s not. Your typical engagement survey tells you how engaged your people are. And that’s it. But what if they’re not engaged? BizHealthCheck shows you the health of your organisation, what’s causing any ill-health, and how to cure it. And that’s far more than an engagement survey.

It’s all about the relationships

And it’s all about people. Who exist in a complex matrix of relationships, not a hierarchy! So let’s understand the health of these relationships, identify any ill-health, and cure it. We’ve shown that our approach drives effectiveness and improves organisational performance.

Groundbreaking insight

Find out how you can try it for free

Let’s be realistic. This all looks new.  Exciting, of immense value, but new.  So why not try it out, before you commit?  That’s why we’ve created the SelfReflectionCheck, to help you understand how we can help you. So click below, and reflect on your leadership.

BizHealthCheck™ is…

Cost effective

We’ve split BizHealthCheck into 3 separate stages so you only invest in what you need. And you can try it for free. It’s not an engagement survey!


We all like to know how we’re doing compared to others. BizHealthCheck™ is internationally benchmarked so you can see how well you’re doing.

Pattern driven

BizHealthCheck uses data to show you the patterns that are occurring in your organisation. Be they the patterns of ill-health or their causes, you get to see them.

Purpose led

We believe that there is more to business than profit. In fact, we believe that business needs a purpose beyond profit.
That’s why we’re purpose led.

BizHealthCheck™ has 3 entry points…


is a FREE 5 min tool that gives you a quick insight, internationally benchmarked, into how you are managing the people and work processes in your organisation.


is the internationally benchmarked in-depth assessment that provides an overview of the health of relationships and work between teams in the organisation and across the value chain.


Is a standalone, or as an upgrade to BHC:Assess, that brings in the health of relationships with B2B customers and suppliers to give you a 360 view of your value chain.

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Joining TheFounders™ is a unique opportunity to participate in the creation of an open source approach to Inclusive Growth: how we build a model of business that benefits all members of society.

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